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The Pure Pico™ laser platform

The Pure Pico™ laser platform - A picosecond laser has a shorter pulse duration than a Q-switch laser. The PicoWay® system offers 4 wavelengths that are designed to your needs for all in-demand indications including, but not limited to, removal of benign pigmented lesions and wrinkle reduction. It is a picosecond laser with Pure Pico™ pulse1 that breaks down particles with more photoacoustic energy instead of photothermal energy which causes less heat and complication risk. Download the material below to learn more about the quality of a Pure Pico™ pulse.


The Shortest pulse duration 730 nm handpiece

The new addition of the PicoWay®️ system – 730 nm. It has the shortest pulse duration* at 250 ps which is the shortest out of all handpieces in the system, and also the shortest in the market as of 2020*. Download material below to learn more about the rationale of 730 nm and how it elevates your picosecond laser experience to another level.

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NEW Resolve Fusion™ 532 nm handpiece

The PicoWay®️ system is known for the unique design of its fractional handpieces with a different beam splitter compare to the market. Here is now a new addition of another unique design of fractional handpieces, allowing low intensity, high-density treatments to target diffuse benign pigmented lesions. Download the material below to learn more about the Resolve Fusion™ 532 nm handpiece and how it adds benefits to your clinical practice.

PicoWay® Expert Sharing

Get the latest clinical insights from our regional and international experts on PicoWay® system.

Dr. Nariaki Miyata

Director, Miyata Plastic Surgery and Skin Clinic

Osaka, Japan

Dr. Wichai Hongcharu

Chief of Dermatology Unit of Saint Louis Hospital

Bangkok, Thailand


Dr. Konika Patel

VP, Clinical Operations and Medical Director

Candela Medical

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Watch this short video to learn more about the benefits of the
Pure Pico laser technology

Meet the Pure Pico™ laser platform intentionally designed to work from the inside out.2-5

The PicoWay® system delivers high peak power and the shortest pulse durations for a non-thermal, photoacoustic effect that transforms skin with low downtime.2-3

Picosecond lasers have been demonstrated to build collagen and elastin.6-7​

Behind the Pulse - Picosecond Laser

About PicoWay® system

PicoWay® Before & After Booklet

PicoWay Focus Guidebook


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*Based on comparison with competitors’ published specification as of 2020.

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