Remove boldy. Treat lightly.
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The PicoWay® system Clinical white paper 730 nm and Resolve Fusion™ 532 nm handpieces are two new clinical tools adding to the growing portfolio of treatments available on the platform. Treating benign pigmented lesions and further refining blue and green tattoo removal (730 nm), these handpieces are now available separately for current PicoWay system owners or with the purchase of a new system.

Read the clinical white paper: "PicoWay® Resolve Fusion 532 nm and PicoWay® 730 nm picosecond laser handpieces for treating benign pigmented lesions"

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730 nm: Designed for Pigment

A new PicoWay® system handpiece is FDA-cleared to treat benign pigmented lesions and blue & green tattoo removal. This highly specialized tool for pigment removal delivers the precise balance of optimized wavelength and pulse duration to remove boldly and treat lightly.

730 nm Optimized Wavelength: Highly targeted melanin absorption with minimized absorption of hemoglobin, an unintended target when treating benign pigmented lesions

250 ps Shortest Pulse Duration: Only 250 picoseconds, to reduce thermal impact and boost photoacoustic effect

Resolve Fusion 532 nm

Reaches 50% more surface area in a single pass*

New blended light technology with focal and diffuse patterns delivers a uniform picosecond effect in the treatment of benign pigmented lesions. A short pulse duration (375 ps) creates a photoacoustic effect while minimizing thermal impact.

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*Compared to original Resolve
PicoWay 510k clearance (K191685). Data on file, Candela 2020.

Download the PicoWay® clinical white paper