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You’ve spent your career building your medical knowledge and business. You’ve worked hard to become the professional whom your patients trust with their cosmetic procedure needs. When it comes to energy-based devices, you can trust a partnership with the professionals at Candela. With 50 years in the aesthetic business, we know how to deliver systems targeted for your patients’ needs, backed by clinical evidence, real-world results, and the service know-how of our expert team.

Two of our noteworthy Pro’s are the GentleMax Pro® and Frax Pro™ systems. These devices are a great pair to provide excellence in practice offerings. The GentleMax Pro is a world leader in hair removal and the Frax Pro offers a smart way to Frax with dual depth resurfacing and high ROI treatments.

They don’t call us Pro’s for nothing.

GentleMax Pro system

• The leading hair removal brand chosen by dermatologists.1
• Treat unwanted hair, as well as vascular indications.
• Designed to maximize patient satisfaction – and your practice’s success.

Frax Pro platform

• The smart way to Frax.
• Advanced diode laser system delivering highly targeted 1550 nm and 1940 nm wavelengths for dual-depth skin resurfacing.2,3
• Wise approach to consumables with high ROI treatments.4

You can trust this pair of Pro’s to keep your patients coming back and attract new appointments. Learn how Candela, the energy-based device professional, can help build your practice and patient base. Request a call back today!

1. Proprietary Candela survey conducted by Wizer via Nielsen’s online physicians panel, among dermatologists, plastic surgeons and medspas, 2015.
2. Ellipse Frax Pro 510(k) clearance (K180406), March 2018.
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4. Frax Pro User Manual, Candela, 2020, data on file.

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