Recorded Webinar: Advancing Lasers for Skin of Colour with Dr. Douglas Wu, MD, PhD

"The PicoWay Nd:YAG laser allows us to treat a broader range of skin types and a wide array of tattoo ink colours. With the ultra-short picosecond pulse duration, there is less discomfort during treatment and faster healing. Professional and multicoloured tattoos are cleared in far fewer treatment sessions than with conventional Q-switched lasers."
- Arielle N.B. Kauvar, MD, Director, New York Laser & Skin Care USA

Cosmetic treatments differ for patients with skin of colour. And, treating darker skin types with lasers has especially been a challenge. But, the latest lasers open up new doors for the treatment of those who may not have previously been candidates for laser treatment. This recorded webinar discusses the latest advances in lasers for treating skin of colour. Dr. Douglas Wu, MD, PhD reviews issues in skin of colour patients as well as available treatment options and ways to minimise risk in these populations.

PicoWay® Introduction Video
What if you took 10 times the power that lights up Paris? 

PicoWay® At-A-Glance
PicoWay is a remarkably innovative triple wavelength picosecond laser from Candela. PicoWay enables removal of multi-coloured tattoos, recalcitrant tattoos and benign pigmented lesions on any skin type. PicoWay’s unique, proprietary mode of action has the highest peak power and shortest pulse duration of any picosecond device on the market for superior efficacy, safety and comfort. PicoWay's ultrashort pulses enable the strong photoacoustic impact needed to fracture pigment particles using lower fluences, for better clearance in fewer treatments. PicoWay's novel design architecture enables PicoWay to be robust, reliable and scalable for future application developments.

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