On Demand Educational Webinar
Picosecond Technology: Discovering the Facts and Debunking Opinions

Ofir Artzi, MD | Director of Aesthetic Dermatology, Sourasky Medical Center

PicoWay® is a remarkably innovative 3 wavelengths picosecond laser with both non-fractional & fractional capabilities. Its unique mode of action is based on delivering ultra-short picosecond pulses of energy to the tissue. These bursts of energy create a photoacoustic impact which breaks up the pigmentation into smaller, more easily eliminated particles.

Educate yourself about PicoWay and Picosecond Technology and watch this on demand webinar. Ofir Artzi, MD, Director of Aesthetic Dermatology at the Sourasky Medical Center, will:

- Provide you with a timeline view of laser technology.

- Refute myths & debunk opinions.

- Share his experience with the PicoWay system in his clinic.

Dr. Ofir Artzi

About the Speaker
Dr. Ofir Artzi

Dr. Ofir Artzi is an internationally renowned expert in the field of lasers and aesthetic dermatology. He heads the Center for Aesthetic Dermatology at the department of Dermatology, Sourasky Medical Center. The Center for Aesthetic Dermatology is at the forefront of treatment, teaching and research in aesthetic dermatology.

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