Please join us on April 15th Wednesday (13:00-14:00) HKT/SGT

We recognize that you are heavily focused on assessing how best to serve and protect your patients or customers during this difficult time, at the same time you have to work out innovative ways to manage your team remotely when needed. In recognition of this, we have invited Roald Andersen from AccessOrange to share tips to optimize teamwork utilizing cloud service. At Candela, we are going above and beyond to think for you and help you throughout this difficult period.

Speaker: Roald Andersen
Business Development Director at AccessOrange
Road Anderson - Speaker

Roald Andersen is an experienced technology leader having driven the adoption of cloud technology in many SMB and corporate organizations. Specialized in Cloud Solutions, Business Productivity, and ERP, he has a Commercial mindset and over 15 years of experience in a wide variety of organizations, including clients in the Medical Industry. His recent projects on Office 365, Sharepoint and Azure has helped many companies increase productivity in difficult situations.